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It's NYE Today. We better hurry. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . The SmileyBusters drive to the Headquarters to see the problem. Bo: "looks like a giant... evil Smiley face". Grime: "So just what exactly is the problem, and why are there hundreds, possibly thousands of people in front of it?" HackSaw pulls out a device similar to Egon's PKE Meter/Gigameter and examines the giant Smiley face that covers the building. HackSaw: "It's a defensive shield. SmileyKing put it up. It's the only way into the HQ. He doesn't want anyone else in there." HackSaw points to the Smiley face once again. HackSaw: "it's pulsing with evil energy and negative Human Emotions. Anyone who tries to step through it is Barbecue." Proton Charger stares at the Smiley face. An idea suddenly comes to mind. Proton Charger: "Guys, what if we try using our Proton beams on the shield? The evil Smiley energy may decrease." pkNRG: "It doesn't hurt to try." HackSaw isn't so sure about the idea. They can't waste valuable time. It'll be Midnight soon and by that time SmileyKing will dominate the World. HackSaw: "alright then. We have a decent amount of time to do so. Let's get it on!" The five SBs grab their Proton Packs and go straight to the Smiley shield. Bo: "Pull 'em." The guys grab their Proton Guns and charge them up. Bo: "Let's Cook!" The guys fire their Proton Guns. The beams seem to have no affect on the shield. The entire town cries out in disappointment and loudly yells "Booooooo!!!" The guys return to the Ecto-1, all silent and disappointed. HackSaw suddenly speaks. HackSaw: "That shield is pulsing with evil. It would take a TREMENDOUS amount of positively-charged energy to destroy it and enter the building. And I seriously doubt that there's enough of the energy in this town to do it." Grime steps up, looking angry and really disappointed. Grime: "Aw C'mon! The reason for that is simple. Everyone's so pissed at the carnage that idiot SmileyKing caused. I mean, at Heart their flowing with positive energy. But their not willing to open it. We have to think of something that everyone here enjoys." pkNRG: "He's right. We need to think of something that everyone in this town loves and enjoys." Proton Charger: "Something good." Bo: "Something decent." Grime: "something pure." An idea suddenly pops up in all of their heads. To Be Continued.... Bo: "So Hack, what exactly do you plan to do with the 100-FT Stay Puft statue?" HackSaw: "You'll see. You'll see." HackSaw, Grime, Bo & pkNRG are inside the 100-FT Stay Puft statue. Grime & pk are armed with Slime Blowers, HackSaw & Bo Proton Packs. As for Proton Charger, he's outside the HQ. He's armed with a Proton Pack. PC contacts HackSaw with his walkie-talkie. Proton Charger: "HackSaw, so when am I gonna take down the shield?" HackSaw: "I'll call you." Proton Charger: "OK Then!" Bo & Grime are busy setting up speakers and electronic equipment inside Stay Puft. pkNRG is adjusting his Slime Blower. HackSaw is up top Stay Puft setting up a Sky Cabin for the SBs. The Sky Cabin functions like a Command Center. Bo tests the microphone. Bo: "1 2 Testing hey this is Bo Holbrook and I'm ready to kick some Smiley." Grime & pkNRG have their Slime Blowers prime and set. They raise them. pkNRG: "Let's Frost!" Grime: "It's Slime Time!" The two SBs slap the Slime Blowers against each other, and start sliming the inside of Stay Puft. The SBs are up in the Sky Cabin atop Stay Puft's head.HackSaw pulls out a Nintendo Controller. It's connected to some electrical generator. HackSaw: "It's almost Midnight let's get on with it." Bo pulls out a Radio and pushes the Play Button. The song Higher And Higher is playing, and is making the Mood Slime active. Suddenly, Stay Puft starts moving! To Be Continued.... Bo: "Whoa!" Stay Puft is off his base. HackSaw is controlling him. Grime: "Uh HackSaw, we're rather high, don't you think?" pkNRG: "Yeah, but the view of the city is great!" HackSaw: "Don't bother me. We gotta get there fast". It's coming close to Midnight. Stay Puft is in the Heart of the city. Everyone cheers on. pkNRG: "Grime, great plan! You were right!" Grime: "Yeah, I guess I was." pkNRG: "Hey HackSaw can't ya go any faster?!" HackSaw: "No. The vibration will break him to pieces and slow his speed." Grime: "We should've padded his feet." Bo: " I don't think they make Nikes his size Grime." pkNRG: "Don't worry he's tough. He's a Smiley as... Suddenly, Stay Puft's foot accidently crushes a Police Car. HackSaw: "Sorry! My Fault!" Brian The Cop: "Stay back people. You don't wanna end up like that poor Police Cruiser, do ya?" Stay Puft gets to the HQ! The heat is on! To Be Continued.... Stay Tuned for the stunning Finale!!! As the SB's come up to the Smiley sheild, where Proton Charger is waiting, CaptainN arrives with his pack. As the countdown comes close zero. CaptainN heat's up his pack, and fires. To Be Continued... Stay Puft goes right next to the building. There's a glass opening on the rooftop. Bo fires a Proton beam at the glass. It breaks. The 4 SBs pull out grappling hook guns and fire into the open hole. They grab onto the ropes and slide down. They run into three nasty Smiley guards. Bo: "Happy New Year!" Smiley Guard #1: "Pitiful Mortals! How did you enter our base?!" Smiley Guard #2: "You have violated SmileyKing's commands!!! You MUST SUFFER!!!!" HackSaw turns to his three fellow SmileyBusters. HackSaw: "Oh did you little buggers pick the wrong guys to mess with, will you blast 'em and hose 'em please?" pkNRG: "No Problem!" pkNRG slimes Guard #1 Bo blasts the 2nd Guard. HackSaw traps the 3rd Guard. Grime notices a very strange sight. He spots dozens of people in a Trance-Like state behind a glowing green Barrier. Grime: "Guys! Look at this crap!" Bo: "Damn man. That's disturbing." Grime: "There the Board Members. Their trapped!" pkNRG: "We gotta get 'em out!" HackSaw: "We only have 8 more minutes before Midnight. We gotta hurry. pkNRG & Grime, slime that Barrier." Just as pkNRG & Grime raise their Slime Blowers, SmileyKing appears into the room. HackSaw: "Uh-Oh." pkNRG: "Hold it right there Nimrod!" You wanna rule the World?! Go head and knock out some Smilies, otherwise I'm going to give you three to get your ugly yellow butt outta our World. ONE!" Bo: "Two." pkNRG: "THREE!!" Bo & HackSaw fire their Proton beams at SmileyKing. They both hit him. pkNRG: "You Got Him! You Got Him!" In a very angry mood, SmileyKing hurls the Proton beams at the four SBs and sends them flying to the ground on their backs. Their all paralyzed. Grime: "That was a really STUPID plan!" HackSaw: "Anybody OK?" Grime: "NO!" HackSaw: "Bo, how are you?" Bo: "I'm fine." HackSaw: "What about you pk?" pkNRG: "I've been better, but AGH!! I'm alright." HackSaw: "I'm not." SmileyKing heads up to the Barrier. SmileyKing: "You are all my Children now. Only five more minutes till we rule the World. First, I must destroy those pitiful Half-Men who tried to defeat me. How dare they try to prevent the Season Of Evil!!" Bo: "Hey SmileyJERK! Yeah you, you know, I have met some really stupid people in my life, but you take the Pizza pal." Grime: "Only a SMILEYKING, would come into our World and use this place as a base. HackSaw: "Nice choice. BONEHEAD!!!" pkNRG: "If you were normal like all of us, you would be livin' the sweet life, out in Southern California's, BEAUTIFUL, San Fernando Valley!" Angry at the remarks, SmileyKing pulls out a glowing blue energy ball and throws it at the SBs. Suddenly it changes into a wave and hits all four SBs, badly hurting them. Grime: "OW!" HackSaw: "UGHHHHHHHH!!!!!" Bo: "Oh dammit! Oh DAMMIT!" Will the SmileyBusters save the World in time? Stick around for Part 2 of this explosive finale! The guys are badly hurt. SmileyKing steps up to the Barrier. SmileyKing: "it's almost time." SmileyKing looks up at the open hole on the ceiling. He hears cheerful singing. He growls in pain. SmileyKing: "UGHH!!!!!!!!!!!" Grime: "Where's that singin' comin' from?" pkNRG: "People Outside!" Outside the HQ, the Smiley shield starts to change colors. It changes to a bright glowing pink. The people cheerfully sing. Proton Charger & CaptainN grab their Proton Guns and get ready to fire. Proton Charger: "We're here with you guys!". CaptainN: "C'Mon. Let's kick some Smiley." Meanwhile, in the HQ, SmileyKing roars and growls in pain. The Barrier starts to weaken. The imprisoned board members start awakening. The SmileyBusters regain their strentgh. HackSaw: "He's weakening! The singing is neautralizing his energy!" Grime: "I can move!!" SmileyKing then disappears into thin air. The Barrier is gone too. The board members wake up startled. Spengs: "What the Heck is going on here?" HackSaw: "No time to explain. SmileyKing must be destroyed!" Suddenly, in the corner center of the room, SmileyKing appears. Back of him, a river of millions and millions of evil Smilies. HackSaw: "He's over there!!!" SmileyKing changes into some sort of gross, slimy creature. HackSaw: "He's transformed!" Bo: "Smiley, Smiley, Smiley! You've been a bad Monkey!" HackSaw: "We can't waste anymore time! Only one more minute till the New Year! HURRY!!!" Bo: "NOW!" pkNRG & Grime slime the creature. Soon, SmileyKing reveals his true form: a giant head! Bo & HackSaw blast the giant head with their Proton streams and pkNRG & Grime keep sliming him with the Slime Blower. Soon, SmileyKing flies into the background with his Smiley army and explodes. Outside, the Smiley shield breaks up and flies into the air and disappears. The people alongside Proton Charger & CaptainN rush in and praise them both. CaptainN: "We Did It! We Did It!" Proton Charger: "We're SmileyBusters!!!" Chad, the creator and owner of the HQ, comes up and praises the four SmileyBusters Chad: "WOW! That was absolutely incredible! You guys rock!" Bo: "Hey! We just wanted to save the World!" Chad looks up at the ceiling and notices the open hole. Chad: "What's up with that hole?" HackSaw: "We'll explain later. Sorry for any damage we caused." Chad: "That's OK. You guys saved us from becoming evil Smilies and you saved the World!" Spengs: "Yeah. You guys were really brave." pkNRG goes back to the area where they defeated SmileyKing. He notices a startling sight. pkNRG: "Hey guys! Take a look at this!" Grime: "WOW!" HackSaw: "How did that get there?" Bo: "Who cares? It's dedicated to us." The area where SmileyKing was defeated is covered up by a big painting with four SmileyBusters, two with Slime Blowers, the other two with Proton Packs. The four SmileyBusters step outside, where they are priased by the entire city. Bo, HackSaw, Grime, pkNRG, Proton Charger, & CaptainN stand in front of the HQ. Bo: "We're the best, we're the beautiful, we're the only... SmileyBusters!!! The End!!! SmileyBusters 2,