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The following is all the news ever reported by The Grid.


Greetings fellow Ghostheads! Welcome to this month's edition of The Grid. Scroll down to read what's new and what's happening in the world of Ghostbusters.

Site News

Sorry ghostheads nothing this time around. We're working on it though and are hoping to have something for everyone soon.

Related News

Sony to get major fine for death on Spiderman set.

That's right folks it surprised me too that Sony or Columbia could be fined for something like this. To read the entire article go here:

GBHQ giving some relief to GBN.

To help get GBN done quicker webmaster Netsolo (of GBHQ fame) has added a special section to give updates on the progress of GBN straight from the horses mouth webmaster Chad Paulson. Click here for the recent GBN updates.

The Bowels of the Firehouse to be replaced with GB2 online?

That right folks Jesusfreak (of the Ghostbusters Message Board Fame, and The Bowels of the Firehouse) has announced that TBF will no longer exist, and his new site GB2 online will replace to get the full skinny go here:


Greetings fellow Ghostheads! Welcome to this month's edition of The Grid. Scroll down to read what's new and what's happening in the world of Ghostbusters.

Site News

This month on The Grid the I have found a very interesting song combination that involves Ghostbusters. It's a combination of Bad and the Ghostbusters theme. Check it out now. It's something you'll only find on The Grid! Bad vs. Ghostbusters Theme

Related News

Kevin Smith to move on from Jay and Silent Bob?

Reported by Reuters yesterday. If there's one thing to know about writer-director Kevin Smith's "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back," it is that there's nothing, really, to know.

But for 31-year-old director saying nothing is, in a way, something new. In this case, "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back," is, as Smith said, "really just jokes for the sake of jokes."

Smith known for his start with the extreme low-budget film "CLERKS" , and follow-up film's such as Chasing Amy, Dogma, and Mall Rats has decided to change perspective's and head ina new direction in movie making.

To read the rest of the story go here:

Until next time Ghostheads-CaptainN


Greetings fellow Ghostheads! Welcome to this month's edition of The Grid. Scroll down to read what's new and what's happening in the world of Ghostbusters.

Site News

For this installment of The Grid there, isn't much for news but this. The Grid is now a year old!!!! That's right one year ago today The Grid was sent into the brave world of of the Ghostbusters community. So now were ready for the next round. So enjoy what The Grid has had to offer in the past year, also post at the message board for the birthday.

Related News will officially launch on August 17. So sign up and send your Gb things in to GBN and be able to say I was one of the first to have stuff on GBN.

Some good news for GHostbusters HQ, Netsolo has been qouted in saying that GBHQ will be back at

This just in as of 12:19p.m. East Standard Time. I have just recieved word that Dan Aykroyd will be in a parade at the Milwaukee, Wisconsin for the Blues Brothers State Fair. This is for Motorcyclists and Blues Brothers fans. Also Dan will be singing in the concert there. Right now i don't have the date, but will have more on this as it developes. Special thanks to John Schulz for the info.

Until next time Ghostheads-CaptainN


Greetings fellow Ghostheads! Welcome to this month's edition of The Grid. Scroll down to read what's new and what's happening in the world of Ghostbusters.

Site News

The advertisement section has been updated with two more new advertisements.

Please take the poll and sign up for the mailing list. Because if you don't you won't know what's going on at The Grid and the world of Ghostbusting until its all over.

The Reference section is in dire need of new site links. Two more have been added, but we need more. if you have on please send them to me. The address for sending them in is

Related News

The preview release of is open! Now you can sign up for the site, send in prop plans, pictures, fan fiction, and add knowledge to the prop database.

Finally, have you ever wondered to yourself "Will Sony ever release Real Ghostbusters and Extreme Ghostbusters on to DVD like they did on VHS a long time ago? Will they ever produce a Ghostbusters II Special Edition? Will GBHQ has all al they address you need to try and get all of that and then some. Ghostbusters HQ: The place for addresses for DVD's and others.

Until next time


Greetings fellow Ghostheads! Welcome to this month's edition of The Grid. Scroll down to read what's new and what's happening in the world of Ghostbusters.

Site News

Well I've taken down the background of grid lines since it was slowing down download time for a lot of us (myself included). Now that I have down this I want your opinion on it. So please take the poll that I created to see what you all think.

Next you can see that I have added a e-mail list for everyone to join to get updates about current and new things happening here and in the Ghostbusters community. So sign up today and always be informed!  

Finally for site news, if you have anything that has to do with Ghostbusters in any way send it in and it will be put in the next update.  

Related News

If you still want to learn how to build a proton pack. You still can sign up at the ASAP board for it. ASAP (A Site About Props)  

Finally as previously reported by The Grid Ghostbusters Headquarters is down with server problems. So Netsolo (owner of GBHQ) has set up a temporary site at the following address. Ghostbusters HQ Temporary location  

Until next time Ghostheads-CaptainN



Greetings fellow Ghostheads! Welcome to this month's edition of The Grid. Scroll down to read what's new and what's happening in the world of Ghostbusters.

Site News

I've added some more advertisements to the advertisements section. Also if you have any advertisements that are remotely related to Ghostbusters please e-mail them to us and they will be put in the next update.

Also visit the message board often to see if new events and updates coming soon to The Grid.  

Related News

People keep sending me e-mails about 2 main things,, and Ghostbusters III. Here's what I've gathered up for each. 1. will soon be open. I don't when, and I don't care about when it does open. I'm not the webmaster of that site. If you want to know when it will open go to (link provided), and e-mail the webmaster yourself.  

2. I've trudged through almost every gossip website on the net, and here's what I found. Ghostbusters III will not happen. It not just because of Bill Murray, or Sony just won't make it because of The Blair Witch Project (or some other low-budget film that is made in the woods, and makes millions). It's because the actors don't want  to see another great movie franchise try and come back and make millions (besides Star Wars), but in actuality it flops and everyone thinks that the franchise really (edited for content). Also you should remember Ghostbusters as it is suppose to be remembered, just a great movie from a awesome era.

Now that that is said  you may return to your regular viewing of  The Grid.    

Until next time Ghostheads-CaptainN


Greetings fellow Ghostheads! Welcome to this month's edition of The Grid. Scroll down to read what's new and what's happening in the world of Ghostbusters.


Site News

I've added a new section called advertisements. These are ones made up by other ghostheads and myself so far there is only the one that I made. So please start sending in your advertisements today.   

Related News will soon be up and ready for everyone to join. Right now you can go there and talk on the temporary message board. If you have a Ghostbusters site you can submit it to for it to be put up in's link area.

As most of you have noticed that the link to Green Goo is not working. This is because they're having satelitte server problems. Netsolo has told me and others at the GBMB that this problem will soon be fixed.  So please bare with it and it will soon be back.

Finally Got Maul from A Site About Props (ASAP) has announced that a Active Project #2 for the proton pack will start soon. To read more about what an Active Project is, and what it involves click here.  

Until next time Ghostheads-CaptainN


Well its been awhile, but they site was finally updated (yeeeeaaaahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!). After going through a major school performance, going to Virginia Beach with my schools concert choir, and surviving finals I'm finally free for three months to work on the site. I'm sure most of you have thought that I died, or forgot about this, but I didn't and hopefully well make it more interactive.  

Now that The Grid has moved to you can expect even better download and response time. Plus it gives me a better ability to make The Grid more interactive.

Now on with the updates!!!!

Site News

Finally the GB 1 and GB2 picture pages officially work without any problems. Also games has been revamped for better efficiency and loading time. Also check out the References section for more new Ghostbusters fan sites that have just popped up.   

Related News

Rumor around the net is that Ghostbusters 3 is not dead.  There have been snippets of info. that say Aykroyd and Ramis have started another revision of the script, and also Murray has come down in price to be in the movie (which I always knew he would).


Its coming very very soon ghostheads. It will have everything gbcentral did and a whole lot more. So set your bokmarks will be here soon.  

Finally a major break for all you prop collectors out there.  Columbia has issued the rights to the props from the movies to a huge prop house, even bigger than ICON (which as made props for several blockbuster movies, and there huge studios. They are also considered the most respected prop house in Hollywood.) to recreate the proton pack, trap, and others from the original molds.  The props are slated for a fall 2002 start, although this is still unconfirmed at this time.

Until next time Ghostheads-CaptainN


Welcome everyone to this month's installment of The Grid! read below to see what's new!

Check out the games for special treat I uploaded courtesy of Chad Paulsen from It's something from the archives GBCentral. Also in the games area there's a special treat for the people on the board. I think its what they've been looking for (hint, hint)

I've also opened the pictures section check out some of the things I've found on my travels on the net.

Finally check out the interview with the Manalapan Ghostbusters. click here



Well it's been a while, but (to quote a phrase) "We're Back!!!!".  Now on to the news.

First of all yes, I didn't leave the site for hackers to access and destroy. I'm now going to try and update more frequently with new information as soon as I get.

Make sure to come back often as I add new features and things to the site. 

Be ready for this.

Chad Paulson of GB Central has been quoted in saying that GB Central will updated soon with its new design, and other interesting things. The site will also have three ways to access it.,,

Check this out!!

The Grid has started a new interviewing section with all the GB franchises out on the net. Our first interview is with the Middle Tennessee Ghostbusters. Check out the official interview by clicking here.

There have been a lot of new GB sites that gone up in the past months be sure to check out references for the latest additions to the list, and also to add yours to it.

Finally have a merry Christmas, Hanukah, and New Year.-CaptainN



The Grid would like to welcome Extreme,too to its staff! How about around of applause for him.

Check out props, and games for some all new goodies. Also keep up with all the other GB sites out there especially the big ones. There rumor going around that there's going to be a joint operation between the big seven GB sites. Stay tuned Ghostheads I'll keep you posted.   


Well its official there will be no Ghostbusters 3. Head on over to Ghostbusters HQ to read the official transcripts.


GBHQ has a new address check it out in the Reference section!

Halloween is just around the corner so Who's doing what, and Where? I"m going to start a new section of where to be for the coolest Halloween festivities so send your's in immediately!!

Also I'm starting on the new look for the props section so please keep sending in your pics., plan's, and info on all the GB props.


Wow first update since school started for me. Man it's been a long week. But enough about my personal problems (for now at least).

I'm know what you thinking, he redesigned it again! Yep, and this time it was done right (with the help of Sim Images). Although I'm not completely done I just wanted to give you guys a taste of what is to come. I'm still working on putting things up and redesign etc. That's why EGB, Props, and Pics. have been taken offline for redesign. I'm not going to touch Chicago GB because that's there little area for them.

It's official over at GBHQ that webmaster Netsolo must face his next biggest challenge College!

Finally, to wrap up this news edition. Remember the link to vote for The Ghostbusters Message Board. Well the creator of the booth has extended the voting to October 1, 2000. So keep voting!


Check it out! The Grid is now a affiliate to Green Goo!

To think when September rolls around, people (more likely kids and teenagers like myself) will have to back to school sit through classes, get heavier books, and plenty more of teachers dirty looks.


This month here at The Grid were featuring the pictures sent to us from the Chicago Ghostbusters from the July 2000 Chicagoland 4th of July parade (link on the left). 

I've also rebuilt the Correspondents page so send in your info. or news and become a correspondent to The Grid (link on left).

Check out the sites in the Reference section. If you have a site and want it there e-mail us and it will be there.


I've uploaded a new GB 2 and GB 3 page, added some new stuff  to Ghostbusters page. I've also started work on a page to review GB games (link on left side).

I still need more pics. of equipment, people, and costumes so if you have them and would like to donate them to The Grid just click on the e-mail button. 

Also who think's my drawing is cool? To respond click on the e-mail button 

I almost forgot I'm proud to announce that a new RPG called Ghostbusters Complete from Nocturnal Productions will be hosted here at The Grid. More on this later as it develops.    


I've uploaded a face-lifted Ghostbusters page, and I stumbled on to something I almost forgot about. Click here to see what it is!


Welcome to the official launch of The Grid! The first page has gotten' a face-lift thanks to the wonderful thing they call FrontPage 2000! I'm not sure yet if I want give face lifts to other pages yet. The pictures you see are posted freely by The Bronx Ghostbuster, and me CaptainN. I can't remember who sent me this sign at the bottom if this was done by anyone please e-mail me so I can give credit to the person(s) who did this for me.

For the Pics. page I'm in dire need of pictures of Ghostheads, they don't have to have yourself in uniform though, but if that's what you want I'm cool with it.

Here's the address to vote for The Ghostbusters Message Board. Click here.

There are still some pages without pictures don't worry problem on my end. That's what happens when you change equipment.

I've also added a FAQ list. Head their first, maybe I've answered some of your questions about GB and related things already.-webmaster CaptainN

This is a fan's site. I am in no way affiliated with Columbia, or there parent company Sony. The "No Ghost" logo's are copyrighted 1984 and 1989 Columbia Pictures Industries. Characters were created by Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis. This site is owned, maintained, and updated by CaptainN.

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