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Welcome to The Grid. Where we take care of all your supernatural incarceration needs! From 17th century Moldavian tyrants to Sumerian gods we can help!

If you have something that you would like more info on, or something to add e-mail me and will talk.

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Ghostheads have been here since the official launch on August 3, 2000



Greetings fellow Ghostheads! Welcome to this month's edition of The Grid. Scroll down to read what's new and what's happening in the world of Ghostbusters.

Site News

I have updated the GB and GB2 pages with some new things.

I'm still working on other pages to be changed around and added stuff to. If you would like to add something to The Grid send it to the following address:

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Sorry Ghostheads nothing this time around. Check back later for updates.

Until next time Ghostheads-CaptainN




















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