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The following are Questions that I have been asked about Ghostbusters.

1. Is Dimension Props real??

Yes, they definitely are.

2. Do the Proton Packs, traps, etc. actually work?

No, they don't work in real life, but at least the  lights and sounds do.

3. What is a Ghosthead?

That is what a fan of the Ghostbusters Franchise is called.

4. Who builds the best props?

All the props are the same except some people build them differently than others (example: Some people build their props out of wood. While others build then out of plastic or metal). 

5. Who is the most accurate at building props?

No one is 110% accurate, this is because no one has actually gotten' hold of one of the props used in the movies. Until then they're all the same.

6. Why does GB Central take so long to be updated??

Don't ask me I run The Grid not GB Central. Why don't you ask the webmaster of GB Central.

7. Will there be a Ghostbusters 3??

At this point in time no, but hey no one knows what the future holds.

8. Does Ghostbusters 2 have special edition like GB 1??

At this point in time no, but maybe they'll come out with one in 2004.

9. Did George Lucas direct Ghostbusters?

NO! He directed Star Wars. Ivan Reitman directed Ghostbusters.

10. Does any one have the Ghostbusters 2 music video entitled Ghostbusters by Run-DMC??

As far as I know of no, but Ray's Occult has the Ghostbusters music video by Ray Parker Jr.


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