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Welcome to The Real Ghostbusters section of The Grid! Here's where we hang with the RGB's, and just chill until there's another ghost to bust. You can also find pics. RGB in the RGB pics. area. Also check out the link to GB Central where you can download RGB wassup?? I heard it's almost as funny as the one in Scary Movie, but don't take my word for it. WASSAP?

RGB ran from 1986 to 1991 (probably would have ran longer if it wouldn't have been for the cartoon law of 91 which was passed, damn politicians they don't know what they screwed in the works). There was also a mini show called Slimer and the Real Ghostbusters, unfortunately I can't remember how long that ran I think one or two seasons at that.

I wish I could remember who did the voice for the RGB's. The only ones I do remember are: Arsenio Hall as Winston Zeddmore, and Dave Coulier as Peter Venkman.









Click here for The Real Ghostbusters pictures.

Click here for information on The Real Ghostbusters game for Gameboy.

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