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The year is 1996. The Ghostbusters have been out of business for a long time. The GB's themselves have spilt up and gone there separate ways. Egon for instance is now a professor at NYU. Teaching Paranormal 101. 

While down in the subway system of New York City. Construction workers are building a new subway system, and accidentally (like they did a decade ago) open a portal into the spiritual realm. But unlike the ghosts that preceded them. They have bigger plans than just causing panic, and riots in the streets.

Egon gets wind of this from Slimer, and quickly heads back to the firehouse to pick up a PKE Meter to investigate. With the help of his students Garrett, Kylie, Roland, and Eduardo. They become the Extreme Ghostbusters. Ridding New York of the newest generation of ghosts. 

The show last about 11/2 seasons. Personally I thought the show was pretty good.  You can easily tell it was created many for the toy line part of kids shows, by the following: No Garrett doll. Instantly tells you that the line was started way before the final characters were figured out. Second, the other characters didn't look anything like the ones in the show (same explanation as in last sentence). Also the equipment looked nothing like in the show (doll equipment).

I believe Sony thought the following "Hmmm Ghostbusters. Let's bring them back and give them a toy line that looks nothing like the stuff in the show. We'll make millions very easily like we did Real Ghostbusters." But as we all know it was flop, so Sony cancelled it from making new shows.  

The episodes I liked the most though were Back In The Saddle Parts 1 and 2, also the first episode which was a 2 parter. 

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