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Welcome to the Ghostbusters 3 section of The Grid! This section will be updated with the latest GB3 news as soon as we here at The Grid get it. 



As most of you know all of us Ghostheads have come to the conclusion that GB 3 won't happen. Dan Aykroyd has up and left Sony. His whereabouts at this time are unknown although rumor has it he's living somewhere in Canada now. Bill has just finished working on Charles Angels the movie about 2 months ago. Harold's whereabouts at this time are unknown also. Same for Ernie Hudson although last known he lived out in California same as Harold. For the rest of the GB cast the last thing known about Sigourney Weaver was she starred in Galaxy Quest with Tim Allen which is year old news. Annie Potts is on a new show on the Lifetime television network. The last thing known that Rick Moranis did was Honey We Shrunk Ourselves which that news is four years old. So maybe there just enjoying the money they have from all there movies.

If anyone has any new news about any of the actors that starred in the GB movies e-mail me.


So for now so let's look at the who and what of this possible movie!

Director: Ivan Reitman ?

Producer: Ivan Reitman ?

Writers: Dan Aykroyd and ??


(for this spot will just put a big)





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