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        GB DOOM 2


Developer: Ray Stantz Graphics: 7.9
Genre: First person shooter/Total Conversion Sounds: 6.5
Console: PC Cinema Sequences: None
Number of players: 1 Story: 8.5
Ghostbusting factor: 100% Closeness to movies/TV shows: 8.2
Controls: 8.0 Overall rating: 8.6


If you always wanted to be a Ghostbuster. But couldn't get the money, or time for props, then this is as close as you can get.

The game starts out just like the first movie at the library. Through the game you play as Egon. With your Proton Pack, Traps, and other Ghostbusting Gadgets you rid New York of all the Ghosts and Goblins that roam about, and cause havoc.

Here's the address to download the game, but make sure you have all the requirements like having the Boom engine, and so forth.

This just in Bo Holbrook's has been mysteriously been wiped from the net. So Bo asked us if we still had the file and we did, so for all you people who can't find Doom II any where you can get the entire GBD2 Demo here and some added things Bo put in it.

Download the GBD2 zip file here!

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